Pokemon GO Split tour

Travel between the real and the virtual world of Pokémon GO and catch more than a hundred species as you explore your surroundings. Get on your feet and step outside into the world where humans and Pokémons live together in harmony.

Experience the ancient spirit of Split as you seek rare virtual creatures in the Diocletian's Palace where our tour starts. Palace is in the very heart of 1700-year-old Mediterranean metropolis of Split, built in the glory of Ancient Rome. The Roman palace was constructed by Emperor Diocletian, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been a high point for world travelers for well over a thousand years, sparking the imagination of its natives, conquerors and guests. If you want to catch a lot of Pokémon, you have to be in a place with PokéStops, and this is the right place to find a lot of them because of the many cultural sightseeings. There you'll catch all kind of types, but the most frequent are rock, dragon and water types Pokémon because of the coastal land. 

Situated on the peninsula of the city of Split, Marjan hill is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and surrounded by the sea, making it a unique sight. As you climb to the top, from where you could see island Šolta and peninsula Čiovo, you will find a lot of rock and flying types. Marjan has over 76 vertical routes and is especially popular with climbers for many sunny days throughout whole year.
After we catch them all in Split, we will walk the path of the Romans starting from the ruins of town of Salona in Solin. Salona was a Roman province with over 60 000 people built in the 3rd century BC and the metropolis of the Roman province of Dalmatia, where you can still see walls, a forum, an amphitheater – the most visible above - ground remains today – public baths and an aqueduct. There you'll find a lot of grass, bug, rock, water and flying types Pokémon because of the green natural surroundings
Our last stop is a real paradise on Earth, called Antoničin mill. Through the history it was called Benzona mill and it is one of the rare perfectly preserved historical legacy of our ancestors. First written remembrances the mill extents from 1685, but his precise age we don't know, but we know that milling history dates from 1212. Antoničin mill is the oasis of peace in Žrnovnica, place for the rest of the soul and body with broad gastronomic offer, as we will all get comfortable with tracking and catching Pokémon. Area is filled with poison, fire, grass and dragon types that are ready to be found. Place also has a gym for tournaments and we will provide you with wifi during all tour. 
Duration: 4 hours
- Pick up from meeting point
- Split walking tour
- Guide and entry Diocletian's Palace 
- Private transfer to Salona
- Guide and entry Salona
- Private transfer to Žrnovnica
- Pokemon fights and dinner 
- Entry tickets
- Private guide
- Private transfer 
- Dinner
- WiFi 



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